AIRTRAC Enters Production

Artemis Announces AIRTRAC Enters Production

After several months analyses of airport, airline and Communications Centre operation AIRTRAC is handed over to the Artemis Communications production team for implementation.

AIRTRAC encompasses the existing Sensei suite of software and provides a unique, fully integrated system for airport and air traffic control.

AIRTRAC is a client server system with the server handling all database interactivity and interfacing to the AFTN, AMHS, CIDIN and SMPT/POP3/IMAP.

The client is to be released as a modular system with standard database access functionality which provides operational flights information for Air Traffic Control, FIDS, check in etc. Based around Java and Eclipse, the system is multi-platform with the client being expanded using plug-ins which will include:

  • AFTN terminal

  • AMHS terminal

  • SMTP terminal

  • Flight strip printing

  • Electronic flight strip display

  • Air Traffic Control voice switch

  • Meteorological displays

  • Meteorological bulletin preparation

  • Check-in facilities

  • Airport gate control

  • ATIS

  • FIDS

  • Air Traffic Control operational flights system

  • Airport agent request/information system

  • Passenger announcements

Mr Yates (Managing Director of Artemis Communications) said that AIRTRAC is expected to be the most comprehensive and cost effective system for air traffic control operations available.