Artemis Wins Eurocontrol Contract

Eurocontrol chooses Artemis Gate for communications test system

Ahead of the rest of the market, Artemis Gate has been selected by Eurocontrol to enable the testing of flight planning systems at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre.

Artemis Communications was able to demonstrate - ahead of the market - that its system is already capable of handling Eurocontrol’s requirements.

Artemis Gate currently enables the interchange of messages between the AMHS, CIDIN, AFTN and Internet e-mail. This gives a range of connection possibilities including Internet and Intranet as well as the more traditional methods associated with the AFTN.

The system is uniquely flexible and can be deployed on a range of platforms. This makes it suitable for message switching centres, airline and airport operators, aeronautical information services and air traffic control facilities alike.

Robin Yates, the managing director of Artemis Communications says: "As a state-of-the-art multi- protocol aviation gateway Artemis Gate is cost-effective, scaleable, future-proofed, relatively easy to use and can be customised."

The Eurocontrol flight planning systems connect to Artemis Gate through the Artemis X.25 Router, which has the capability to translate between TCP/IP and X.25. This state of the art system provides mapping between IP addresses and X.25 PVCs or SVCs. It allows CIDIN and AFTN systems to make use of modern protocols, whilst maintaining traditional connection mechanisms where required.

Artemis Gate can also allow the inclusion of additional protocols when required for system and protocol upgrades. This makes it an ideal choice in a changing environment, or where existing messaging systems need to be upgraded to include new protocols.

Artemis Gate allows for the translation of multiple ICAO and Internet messaging protocols, but also for the generation of messages based on adaptable test scripts. Its extensive channel configuration options also allow the setting of both message header and content lengths (up to 64Kbytes). Messages can be transported using a range of protocols including X.25, TCP/IP, asynchronous communications and facsimile.