NATO Installs AMHS in Afghanistan

As part of the Afghanistan rebuilding process NATO install Artemis Switch

The AFTN/e-mail gateway installed at Kabul International Airport for NATO by Artemis Communications is being upgraded to an AFTN message switching system with AMHS gateway and Message Transfer Agent (MTA).

The system is fully compliant to basic ICAO SARPS as defined in ICAO Document 9705 and incorporates many of the extended SARPS including an integrated X.500 directory. In country communications is over a TCP/IP network with the option to include a fully compliant ATN protocol stack.

The designed in flexibility of the queuing system and queuing modules has been key in meeting the unique challenges of a deployment in a remote and hostile environment. With limited local access to technical facilities and on site support requiring a nine day return journey involving military air transportation and isolated aircraft transfers, the hardware platform integrates a high degree of reliability. Deployed systems are fully redundant with mirrored RAID and specialist cooling providing positive air pressure within units preventing dust ingress (an ever present problem in Kabul).

Gateway and message switch configuration is achieved with the standard Artemis customisable Graphical User Interface (GUI) with the X.400 system being configured from the X.500 directory; both methods being intuitive.

Artemis Switch allows the inclusion of additional protocols when required for system and protocol upgrades. This makes it an ideal choice in a changing environment, or where existing messaging systems need to be upgraded to include new protocols.

Artemis Switch allows for the translation of multiple ICAO and Internet messaging protocols. Its extensive channel configuration options also allow the setting of both message header and content lengths (up to 64Kbytes). Messages can be transported using a range of protocols including X.25, TCP/IP, asynchronous communications and facsimile.