AFTN Gateway Released

Artemis Communications Announces Release of AFTN to E-mail and Fax Gateway

Artemis Communications has today announced the release of an AFTN to e-mail and fax gateway. Dependent on the AFTN messaging protocol, state Message Switching Centres and end users have little choice in connection methods or client systems being solely dependent on specialist suppliers. Artemis Gate extends the range of protocols to include commonly used "off the shelf" e-mail clients.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a successful AFTN gateway is in the address translation mechanism. Artemis Gate includes a powerful integrated database that allows translation of addresses based on all or part of an AFTN address (based on the AFTN routing scheme) eliminating the requirement for large and complex lookup tables or directory access.


Artemis Gate is a uniquely flexible package that can be deployed on a range of platforms. This makes it suitable for Message Switching Centres, airline and airport operators, Aeronautical Information Services and Air Traffic Control facilities alike.

It enables the use of standard e-mail clients hosted on Personal Computers to be used to communicate with users on the AFTN, opening up the possibility of access to the AFTN via the Internet or a companies own Intranet. It additionally enables the distribution of AFTN messages to fax machines eliminating the requirement for expensive dedicated connections on lightly loaded receive only channels.

Robin Yates (Managing Director of Artemis Communications) said "Artemis Gate represents a revolution in the way the aviation community is able to exchange aeronautical information".