Sofreavia Awards AMHS Gateway Contract to Artemis

Sofravia chooses Artemis Gate to Integrate with their ATN & AMHS Solution

Against stiff competition, Artemis Communications was chosen by Sofreavia of France to supply AFTN/AMHS gateway software to integrate with their ATN router. This completes a synergy of Artemis Communications, Sofreavia and ISODE software to provide a fully integrated AFTN/AMHS Gateway, AMHS Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and ATN Router without equal in the industry today.

Ideally suited to integration with existing AFTN systems or third party programs, Artemis Gate provides several mechanisms whereby existing and new systems can intercommunicate:

  • C API

  • Unix shell script API

  • Direct access to message queues

  • AFTN

  • SMTP


  • AMHS

Unlike many competitor systems, Artemis Communications architecture is fully open. Coupled with our rapid and knowledgeable support service, development and integration time can be reduced to a minimum.

Already consisting of several ICAO and Internet communications protocols, Artemis Gate is fully user extensible with additional protocols and operator commands. This has given Sofreavia the ideal AFTN/AMHS base system to develop their end product.