Malaysian CAA Complete AFTN/AMHS Gateway SAT

Malaysian CAA Complete SAT of Artemis AFTN/AMHS Gateway

Last month, the Malaysian CAA completed Site Acceptance Testing of the Artemis Communications AFTN/AMHS gateway supplied by Sofreavia as part of their integrated ATN, AMHS and AFTN gateway solution.

On the whole, the installation process went smoothly with only the minor problems normally associated with the deployment and integration of systems of this nature.

The deployed system is the result of a systems integration project lead by Sofreavia of France and consisting of their own ATN router and AFTN/AMHS gateway; integrating the Sofreavia ATN communication stack, ISODE X.400 software and Artemis Gate. Artemis Communications worked closely with Sofreavia for the integration to ensure that there were no system incompatibilities or faults.

Within the next month, the ATN routers will be connected internationally for trials and subsequently international operational communications. Artemis Gate is a multi-protocol communications gateway that supports ICAO communications protocols (AFTN, CIDIN AMHS), SMTP and facsimile. It is fully user extensible and has a range of command and control facilities including Database, Web Browser and Command Line.